Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Simple technique tip

Today it is Wednesday. Time for my surprise.
Each week will I show you a simple technique tip.

Paper Buttons

What needs you: paper, painting, carrot, pen, sissors and 3d painting.

Let's go starting:

You cut
through your carrot on a beautiful cross-section.
Hereafter you do a little bit of painting.
Stamp on paper so that you get a beautiful circle.

Let it dry well. draw a nice figure in the middle of your
circle. Color that with 3d painting.

Cut the button along the line and here you your own nice paper button.

Very simple but nice.

It is up to you to show me what you have made with this technique. Please show me.
Love Simone.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Last Saterday i went to the movie Hairspray. The movie is so cute to watch. The music start move your toes to dance. And the story is so predictable. Read more about hairspray.
you must see this movie. if you like Grease and Save the last dance.

Today was my first day at work. I think that my health is so okay then the next 5 lesson will be no problem.

Watch my blog on wednesday for my little scrapbook surprise. Every wednesday there will be little something about scrapbooking.
Still to days.

love Simone

Friday, August 24, 2007

Back again

Hello, We are back form our holiday and they have told us that Norway is beautiful land and that is true. We love the nature of this land. Unfortunately the weather wasn't that good but the waterfalls were very beautiful.
And the funnest thing i realize that i met someone with the some hobby: scrapbooking. LOL
Soon i will show some pictures over Norway.

At this moment everyone is trying to get is normal rhythm. it is so hard the real life and holiday are so much fun. Stand late up, whole fun Sjoerd and Adne, having lovely dinners with familymembers.

Last night when i was lying in bed i get a lovely idea for my log you will hear soon more. It's something fun for you. Mayby you can learn something about it.

And for now i going out side because the sun is sunning and before we know it will rain again in Holland.

love Simone