Friday, August 29, 2008

Second day of leave.

Yesterday started my leave. 4 weeks for the delivery date. I hope that the baby will came soon because i only have to decorated the room a little bit with some painting on the wall and stickers at the door.
My body is hurting a lot, most of the time my belly is feeling hard and my ribs on the right side hurt. Sometimes it hurt so much that i start crying. Nobody can take pain away. I hate that.
Sjoerd already told my that he thinks that the baby will come soon because i'm cleaning the house and i'm restless. I hope he right.

At this moment i have still no time to scrapbook. i hope that it will be next week. I mis scrapbooking a lot. Next week beter.

Have a nice friday.

love Simone

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little update

The bloodresults are okay, that means that they are the some as a healty person. So i have to wait week for my next appointment. The baby is doing okay, is moving a lot and i still feel okay only a little tired at the end of the day.
I hope that i finish tomorrow birth announcmentcards. Sorry now sneek peak. You have to wait till the baby is born.

Have a nice creative week

Love Simone

Friday, August 08, 2008

Found it

Today i went to the IKEA and found finally my idea for the baby room. Okay i know that the baby will come very soon.
I like the Barnslig style. It's so cute.

I had also today a opponiment by the doctor and he told me that the baby has grow very fast. He/she have the size of baby in week 37 instead 33 weeks, the next week they take some test to found out how this is possible. It means that it weight 3 kilo +/- 5oo gram. And that's heavy for my belly and back. Stil i'm doing okay. I hope that the baby will keep inside for 3 weeks so that al the organs and lungs will grow for a baby for 37 weeks instead 33 weeks and then ... update soon.

An other question to you. Can somebody help me with Inkscape for the robocraft. I wanna let the robocraft to cut my baby card only i don't understand Inkscape. Is there an other computer program that understand mesurements like Coreldraw. Normally i use Microsoft Publisher for it. And now i have a little problem in Inkscape because of the mesurements. HELP.
Thanx already.

Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back in Town

After being 2,5 weeks in France, we are back in Holland.
We have been camping to the Mediterranean sea, and it was great.We have visit a cave in Darligan, golf of rosas (Spain), bridge in Millau and the beach of Narbonne plage.

Frozen rose in the cave the Dargilon.

Beach of Rosas (Spain)

Bridge of Millau. The longest and highst of the world.

Beach of Narbonne plage. The water was warm.
The temperature is 30 graden celsius and the water is 25 graden celsius during the night is 25 graden celsius. I wanna go back because i'm feeling beter then here in the netherlands. The climate is there much better.

Now i only have to found some time to scrap and making the baby room okay. 7 weeks to go i can't wait to look at this little one because he/she is making me nuts about moving around in my belly and you can see it very good on the outside.

Speak to you soon.

Love Simone