Sunday, May 25, 2008

Still in the world of the living

At this moment i use all my time for my school. It's to much time. I promised my hubby last nightthat i'll use the daily time for school and the evenings for scrapbooking and trying to figur out how the baby annoucement will look like.
Yesterday i recieve the kit from de creatie. I fall in love with this kit because it fits perfect with my album for the coming baby and the card i want to make. The little deer from the" my dearest" line of sassafras lass and Marcia Hamelijnck make a great stamps about the deer. Keep going this way girls.

About 4 months the little butterfly will be born. We still don't know the gender. This morning we are talking to Adne about the color of his/her hair and that she/he could hear him talking and kissing my belly.
He ask me this week how long it's take for the baby is born. I told him in end Septembre. He said it's take to long. We aggreed.
Love the picture of Adne kissing my 5 month belly.

I hope that i can show you show some pages of the A till Z album

Love Simone

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Being Okay

Last time i have less time to blog but there are several reasons.
  • One big (not funny) reason that there is lot work to make for my school. We make our own exercise for the students. After the summer holiday i go on maternity leave and i will use my time for to get everything ready and spending time with Adne. So no more school work for my till January.
  • Next one that we are very busy with family visit.
  • The trail with the lovely landrover is also asking time
Yesterday i went to my doctor because i'm not feeling well. A little bit to much tired (for someone who's 21 weeks pregnant) and keeping a lot of fluid in my legs and arms. And it's hurting me a lot. The doctor told me that i must contract more quietly to do. But that is this way difficult, because there must become still so much done. Look at my first point. He told me that everything is oaky with the baby. That's great news. I was a little bit concerned. He makes a echo about the heart of butterfly.
But at this moment i feeling better and i hope that i can keep it this way till the end of Septembre.

Love Simone

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby update

Today we went to the gynaecologist and Sjoerd shaw for the first time on the ultrasonic the little baby. He was very enthusiastic when he shaw the face, the tiny feet and fingers. He realize that he'll became for the second time a dad. He makes plans what he can do with the little one.
The gynaecologist cannot find the gender of the little one. So we wait for the next ultrasone.
The little one have a pet name: Butterfly. Because most of the time i can feel move all over in my belly, it's like tickling.
My belly isn't very big, when i look around me and i see women when they are 3 or 4 months pregnant there belly is bigger then mine. They have pregnancy cloths on then i'm glad that i still where a lot of my own cloths. LOL

Enjoy the weather because here in the Netherlands the weather is great. A lot of sunshine and the themperature is 24 degrees centrigrade.
Next weekend we go camping with the landrover so we hope that we some weather.

Love Simone

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Third Trail

Today we have drive our third trail on the beach. We have beautiful weather with a lot of sun shine. (okay a little bit sunburnt, but it doesn't matter)
We hope that we are in top 3. Maybe, we don't know because we haven't waited for the results.
Tomorrow or Tuesday we know more.

Have a nice sunday.

Love Simone

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Today it's nsd. I found some beautiful projects on two sites. One at creating keepsakes. The started monday wiht a video project with Erin Lincoln. I'm looking forward how the album at this project looks like. At this moment the have 2 steps ready and already looking good. Now i only need more time to scrapbook.
At two peas in a bucket the have a lot of free classes about several techniques. Also very funny to do. Only i have less time to look at both side. I hope that the will be tomorrow on the internet instead of deleting.
If there are more sites about nsd i like to hear from you where i can found them. Thanks already.

Love Simone

Ps. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow we are riding our third trail and we hope that we became second of third with this one. By the last one we became second.