Saturday, July 21, 2007


On monday where are going on a holiday, we are going to Norway. The weather will be alright. At this moment the sun is shining and means we are trying to walk with Adne. He hopes that he will stand in the snow with his feet.
This will be our first visit to norway. And everybody we have spoken with tell us it is a very beautiful country.
They also told us that the south of Norway looks like the south coast of France and Italy. And that the Fjords are very beautyfull like the pictures.
We are going for 3 weeks. And i hope that i can make very nice picture of the fjords but also off the man. (like last year)

I hope that i can found some scrapbook store over there. I've already find some scrapbookstore is Sweden but that isn't the country we are going to.
Maybe some one can give me an adress.

I wish for everybody a nice holiday, enjoy the sunshine (before you know it is raining again, like last night LOL)
Drive savely and carefully. Okay i'll drive savely also.
Maybe i can find a internetcafe in Norway and tell you something about my trip.

love Simone

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My little gift

I gave myself something for scrapbooking. I hope that i can use it for my photoshop challenge. Something like C.D. Muckosky, i love her style. Something old and something new.
She also use photoshop for her scrapbooking.
I bought a Wacom Bamboo tekentablet. And it worked. I love this thing so much. Soon i will make my first lo with my super mouse. You can write on your photo with your own handwriting instead using rub ons. That is so cool.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

My best friend Evelien has nominated me for the 'Rocking girl blogger' award. Isn't that cool? Thanks ! I really appreciate it. Here are my nominees:


I've look a lot on your site because i love the work you make.
You girls can copy the award and put it on your blog if you like. Hope you like the nomination. You just inspire me! Don't forget to nominate five more bloggers!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Playing with water

The weather is good today and i promis Adne when the sun is shinning, i will look for your bath.
I found this, we called is, his waterfall. And he was jumping and laughing because he love his waterfall.
Adne loves to be with water. His mum also.
I think he will be alright today and i can read my scrapbook.

love Simone

Thursday, July 12, 2007


For this lo i have use my butttons stamps. And tried to make my own paper. I found this idea in the 52 challenges of Elsie. I like the idea. okay it was a little bit work to get the fibers throw the buttons. Little detail.
Sometimes when you tried something new, the next idea is already in your head and heart. So i'm trying something for my next lo.

Yesterday was the deadline for the becky higgings december 2007 sketch. and i hope that the pick my lo for this sketch. keep my fingers crossed. i think that in a week i will hear of the pick mine. please, please............please.

love Simone

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Template use

In the kit of Dolls & Decorations was a nice template with a lot of arrows and swirls. And that moment a had already put the pictures on the paper only something was missing and that where the arrows and swirls. The lo is now ready. There is no "3" but "4" elements in
this lo. Sorry Ali. But sometimes is 4 beter than 3.

And i also like the title because everything is handwriting. It give me so much satisfaction.

have a nice sunday afternoon.

love Simone

Friday, July 06, 2007

Photo shoot

Today i took Adne for a professional photo shoot. And the little boy enjoys the attention of the photographer. She was so lovely to him and he listens very well. When she ask a little bit your head up and smile. He did it for her. When i have picture i will show it to you. I've see 3 pictures and they are awesome. I only have too 19 july.

I hope that next week my new magazine of Jennifer McGuire came. I have order it by de Creatie. And also have order the get inspired kit. The stamps and paper is so lovely and inspired. I can wait for the next week.

Love Simone

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

40 minutes

I have told myself that i have to make a lo in 40 minutes. I used my stopwach and after 40 minutes the time was over. I only have use the rub-ons idea from the love elsie line. i like the style because it is so natural. I only think that there is one little missing and maybe tonight i will make some flowers or some stars. I think that it will be stars.

love Simone

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy day

Today is my happy day because my docter called my and told my that i can use less medicine. 4 pills instead of 6 and when everything goes okay i only have to take 1 pill (maintenance).
I'm so happy.

Today is also Adne last day at day nursey "Janneke" after the holidays he goes to an other
babysister and an other day nersey "Jip".
I make for the teacher a nice card and the also get a Merci. I think that they appreciatid.

More news i have send my lo for a Becky Higgins sketch december 2007.
I have used a lot Black & white.
I have use it because have that feeling by the picture. I hope to hear something of the editors.
I keep my fingers crossed.

At this moment are this the things for a happy day.

Love Simone
Happy day