Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Finally the flow found my after being a little sick for 3 weeks. Last night i have a fever and cold at the same time. I hope that this flow stops soon because next i've one week free. And i wanna spent time for scrapbooking and for family and friends.
So i keep my fingers crossed.

Love Simone

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Challenge and dreams

My dear friend Eeffie has a challenge this year for a roledex. I'm a little bit behind but last evening i had some time to make this to little cards.

For the letter C she used the word Challenge. My biggest challenge this year find balance between work and spending my spare time. There are moments when it works and i'm feeling great. There are also moments that there is no balance and i became very tired and then i'm frightened that i will be sick again.

For the letter D she used Dreams. Like everyone i have also dreams. One dreams is being pregnant of our next child. I hope that it than will be a girl.
An other dreams is publish some projects in a magazine. My dream is also a healthy life for my loveones.

Love Simone

Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's today Valentine.
Yesterday my hubby took me out for a romantic diner. (okay one day before valentine but tonight we don't have a babysister)
It was a dinner with 15 paces. The food was so delicous and we taste a lot of different food. Like a special duck or Coquille. I hope that we go back soon.
I make for him a lovely valentine card i hope that he like it. Adne maked for him a heart. He loved it.

Love Simone

Friday, February 08, 2008

The letter C

Time for the letter C.
For Adne's lo i used the words create and curiosity. Adne is a very creative boy, he can use everything to he has made in his life so far. He is also very curiosity about everything around you. You can ask questions about what it's internet or what's happing with christmas?
Most of the time we can answer your questions. Please keep asking questions.
For my lo used the word challenge. Because i'm going to try to balance my life because most of the time i'm to busy and when i'm laying in bed i'm tired and frightened that my sickness give new problems. So i keep my fingers crossed.

Love Simone

Monday, February 04, 2008

Commitment and balance

I am little bit behind with the challenge of emily, but I promise that I will make a catching-up. Tonight i have enough time the remaining make cards. And so i finish also the card with the title yow: your own word. My one word this year is balance. I'm trying to get some balance between work and free time. , between relax and being very busy and spending time for myself and with my family. When the year is over i shall tell you if i can find my balance.

This card is about the commitment i have with my hubby and Adne they are the world for me and i shall do everthing to make them happy.

Love Simone

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Something else

After a year scrappingbooking about the life of Adne i have diceded to make some lo about our landrover. In september last year after being sick for 6 month my hubby and i decided to ride this trail together istead that somebody else enjoys hubby with his trail.
The first test was hard because we aren't op elkaar ingespeeld. But after that it became better and better and the end of the day the results was that we are 8th of the 25 cars. Yeah. Hubby is hoping that the last trail will be better than this one. And he was right we became 6th of the 25 cars.

I will show you soon the lo of this trail.

Love Simone