Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry christmas and a happy newyear.

I will post in the new year, i promiss.

love Simone

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kalle and his new friend

Kalle and his friend Sven. Sven is born 3 days later than Kalle only he is larger and heaver. Sven is at this moment 6 kg and Kalle is 4,5 kg. Laurel and Hardy. Okay Sven is born weight is 4,7 kg and Kalle's 3,8 kg.
Both are breastfeeding from the day they are born.

Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tonight i go to the Queen Spectacular. WOw i love the music so much. The style of Mika likes the same. This is the first time i' m going doing something without Kalle (i'm still breast feeding him). He stay at home and mom is going out. YEah.
Sjoerd and i like the music so much. It's so sad that Freddie Mercury past away. Rest in peace. Tomorrow it will be quite still at home because we have no voice. great.

Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone

Thursday, October 16, 2008

one month

Yesterday was Kalle already a month. You can't hardly imagine. The time goes to fast. It feels if yesterday that I went with my lovely belle to the hospital and a day later with a small baby in my arms. And now i know from the first time i saw hem he is my boy and i love more then life. The same to Adne.

I love my boys so much that i can cry when i think about them. There are moments when they are laying together in my bed or on the bank, i feel so blessed.
Tonight i will start with my first lo for his album. At this moment i'm still tired because breast feeding him take a lot of energy. There are 3 hours between the two feedings (even throw the nights)
Speak to you soon.

Love Simone

Friday, September 26, 2008

My lovely baby

Hello dear blog readers,

I took a short break because i have to recover from my labour.
On monday 15 September I gave birth to a son. His name is Kalle Fredrick. He such a sweet boy.

You read more about him soon.
Sorry i have to go for my nap.

Love Simone

Monday, September 08, 2008

What i recieved today?

Today gave to the mailman me two kits. one from the creation and one of the dozens. Deliciously to unpack and enjoy what the ladies of the company put in the kit. the stuff is so beautiful. I hope that Thursday will be the day that i have some time to scrap. Only the problem is that scraproom became Adne's bedroom and on the second floor Sjoerd is working hard to make my new room. Only it take more time then we expected. So if there are scrappers for a great ideas about scraprooms or have pictures. please share it with me.

love Simone

Friday, September 05, 2008

Baby room is ready

Today i finish the babyroom and i like the style and decorations we used for this child. Adne's babyroom was with Winnie the Pooh. And he still love Winnie the Pooh. His best friend is Lumpy. When he tired or sad or feeling insecur he ask for Lumpy

At the door we placed some love stickers, we bought in France last summer. Above the bed we make a tent with a mobile. I hope that the baby came soon because everything is clean and the first of clothes are lying on the bed waiting for the moment. birth announcmentcards are ready. Sjoerd make a lovely poem a few days ago. And we are both very curious about the baby. What will be the colors of the hair, eyes. What for face will have, will it have my face of Sjoerd of a mix of both.

We have to wait and wait only we are losing sometimes our patience.
Speak to you soon.

Love Simone

Friday, August 29, 2008

Second day of leave.

Yesterday started my leave. 4 weeks for the delivery date. I hope that the baby will came soon because i only have to decorated the room a little bit with some painting on the wall and stickers at the door.
My body is hurting a lot, most of the time my belly is feeling hard and my ribs on the right side hurt. Sometimes it hurt so much that i start crying. Nobody can take pain away. I hate that.
Sjoerd already told my that he thinks that the baby will come soon because i'm cleaning the house and i'm restless. I hope he right.

At this moment i have still no time to scrapbook. i hope that it will be next week. I mis scrapbooking a lot. Next week beter.

Have a nice friday.

love Simone

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little update

The bloodresults are okay, that means that they are the some as a healty person. So i have to wait week for my next appointment. The baby is doing okay, is moving a lot and i still feel okay only a little tired at the end of the day.
I hope that i finish tomorrow birth announcmentcards. Sorry now sneek peak. You have to wait till the baby is born.

Have a nice creative week

Love Simone

Friday, August 08, 2008

Found it

Today i went to the IKEA and found finally my idea for the baby room. Okay i know that the baby will come very soon.
I like the Barnslig style. It's so cute.

I had also today a opponiment by the doctor and he told me that the baby has grow very fast. He/she have the size of baby in week 37 instead 33 weeks, the next week they take some test to found out how this is possible. It means that it weight 3 kilo +/- 5oo gram. And that's heavy for my belly and back. Stil i'm doing okay. I hope that the baby will keep inside for 3 weeks so that al the organs and lungs will grow for a baby for 37 weeks instead 33 weeks and then ... update soon.

An other question to you. Can somebody help me with Inkscape for the robocraft. I wanna let the robocraft to cut my baby card only i don't understand Inkscape. Is there an other computer program that understand mesurements like Coreldraw. Normally i use Microsoft Publisher for it. And now i have a little problem in Inkscape because of the mesurements. HELP.
Thanx already.

Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back in Town

After being 2,5 weeks in France, we are back in Holland.
We have been camping to the Mediterranean sea, and it was great.We have visit a cave in Darligan, golf of rosas (Spain), bridge in Millau and the beach of Narbonne plage.

Frozen rose in the cave the Dargilon.

Beach of Rosas (Spain)

Bridge of Millau. The longest and highst of the world.

Beach of Narbonne plage. The water was warm.
The temperature is 30 graden celsius and the water is 25 graden celsius during the night is 25 graden celsius. I wanna go back because i'm feeling beter then here in the netherlands. The climate is there much better.

Now i only have to found some time to scrap and making the baby room okay. 7 weeks to go i can't wait to look at this little one because he/she is making me nuts about moving around in my belly and you can see it very good on the outside.

Speak to you soon.

Love Simone

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm so glad

Today i have to go back to the hospital to besure that the baby has turn before we go on holiday. And the baby has turn in the right position. I keep my fingers crossed so it will keep it that way for the next weeks.
The doctor also make a nice print for me.
At the picture you can see the tiny fingers of his/her right hand. At the computer i shaw that the fingers were moving that's so cute. I already fall in love with this child. I hardly can wait to the day she/her is born.

Have a nice weekend and speak to you on monday.

Love Simone

Monday, July 07, 2008

Falling in love

Last week i found a twin on the internet and fall in love with them. The twin's name is Frokkie and Lola.
They are so cute. I also found day rhythm cards of them. I make a bord with the days and i hope so that Adne can found his ritme again. Normally when we are working he's at school or by the daycare. But now the summer holiday has already started and he loses is ritme he'sn't the most happiest person at this moment. I hope that i will be beter tomorrow. More news soon.

Love Simone

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some baby news

Today i went to the doctor for appionment for butterfly. The doctor told that the little have long legs, because these run in front approximately 2 weeks. His/Her head is okay. We still don't know the gender of our child. We already say against each other we don't know the gender it will be a surprise for the next 12 weeks. With Adne we didn't know also.
The little butterfly lies with his/her butt down and in about 6 weeks he/she can turn with his/her head down other wise the doctor will help turning it. So i keep my fingers crossed.

Have a nice weekend with a lot of sunshine and moments to be creative.

Love Simone

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Today i started ..

Today i started with my mini-albums about my pregnancy for the second child. I wanna make a journal about every month, some pictures and special things. I found some great ideas at two peas in bucket and scrap in style tv
I have tried to stop thinking about school and spend more time for scrapbooking and for Adne (because the holiday started for us).

Also the kit of the dozens arrived today and the kit is awesome. I love the style the use. I think that i will use some great stuff of there kit for the mini album. Keep going this way, girls.

Love Simone

Friday, June 27, 2008


Today my holiday started. That's main that i have 7 weeks free time. Finally. Okay there is a little bit of work to do for school but that's not the most importend thing.
First thing i'm going to do tomorrow is take a long sleep and then go to a scrapbookshop to buy some stuff for my 9 month pregnancy book and some other great ideas. I will post them soon.

Love Simone

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few pictures of his party at kindergarden

I also make some lovely pictures of his party at kindergarden.

Making a lovely drawing.

The teacher is making a beautiful hat for you.

Blowing 4 candles.

Singing goodbey to the class and the teachers.

Today he told Sjoerd that his skelter a problem with his engine or with the tires. The little man at work.

i just one share it with you.
Love Simone

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bloggers break and happy birthday

After a month with no time for funny things. Mine tasks for school are well almost finished and I have enough time now for bloggen and scrapbooken.

A little update so far. My belly is growing slowly and and at this moment my wight is 6 kilos and have a lovely belly. A photograph follows soon when i'm 6 months pregnant. The butterfly grows nicely and moves good. We still don't know the gender of our butterfly. I hope that it will be a girl and Sjoerd hopes that it's a boy. Adne tolds us he hopes that it will be a girl.
Last night we finally we found our boy name. We already had a girls name. But it will be a secret till the baby is born. I'm sorry.

Today is Adne birthday. He turning 4 now. Wow times goes so fast. I still remember the day he was born and after one look in his eyes, he stole my heart. I keep looking at him al night long and still I like watching him. He's so adorable.
After the summerholdiday he goes the primaryschool. Last night he ask me: please mum, can i go tomorrow because i wanna learn new things. I told him, after the holidays. I'm sorry that it takes so long.

I hope that i can show you some new lo that i make for our A-Z album (i'm a little bit behind) but now i have more free time. And a lot of ideas are going throw my head.
Speak to you soon.

Love Simone

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Still in the world of the living

At this moment i use all my time for my school. It's to much time. I promised my hubby last nightthat i'll use the daily time for school and the evenings for scrapbooking and trying to figur out how the baby annoucement will look like.
Yesterday i recieve the kit from de creatie. I fall in love with this kit because it fits perfect with my album for the coming baby and the card i want to make. The little deer from the" my dearest" line of sassafras lass and Marcia Hamelijnck make a great stamps about the deer. Keep going this way girls.

About 4 months the little butterfly will be born. We still don't know the gender. This morning we are talking to Adne about the color of his/her hair and that she/he could hear him talking and kissing my belly.
He ask me this week how long it's take for the baby is born. I told him in end Septembre. He said it's take to long. We aggreed.
Love the picture of Adne kissing my 5 month belly.

I hope that i can show you show some pages of the A till Z album

Love Simone

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Being Okay

Last time i have less time to blog but there are several reasons.
  • One big (not funny) reason that there is lot work to make for my school. We make our own exercise for the students. After the summer holiday i go on maternity leave and i will use my time for to get everything ready and spending time with Adne. So no more school work for my till January.
  • Next one that we are very busy with family visit.
  • The trail with the lovely landrover is also asking time
Yesterday i went to my doctor because i'm not feeling well. A little bit to much tired (for someone who's 21 weeks pregnant) and keeping a lot of fluid in my legs and arms. And it's hurting me a lot. The doctor told me that i must contract more quietly to do. But that is this way difficult, because there must become still so much done. Look at my first point. He told me that everything is oaky with the baby. That's great news. I was a little bit concerned. He makes a echo about the heart of butterfly.
But at this moment i feeling better and i hope that i can keep it this way till the end of Septembre.

Love Simone

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby update

Today we went to the gynaecologist and Sjoerd shaw for the first time on the ultrasonic the little baby. He was very enthusiastic when he shaw the face, the tiny feet and fingers. He realize that he'll became for the second time a dad. He makes plans what he can do with the little one.
The gynaecologist cannot find the gender of the little one. So we wait for the next ultrasone.
The little one have a pet name: Butterfly. Because most of the time i can feel move all over in my belly, it's like tickling.
My belly isn't very big, when i look around me and i see women when they are 3 or 4 months pregnant there belly is bigger then mine. They have pregnancy cloths on then i'm glad that i still where a lot of my own cloths. LOL

Enjoy the weather because here in the Netherlands the weather is great. A lot of sunshine and the themperature is 24 degrees centrigrade.
Next weekend we go camping with the landrover so we hope that we some weather.

Love Simone

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Third Trail

Today we have drive our third trail on the beach. We have beautiful weather with a lot of sun shine. (okay a little bit sunburnt, but it doesn't matter)
We hope that we are in top 3. Maybe, we don't know because we haven't waited for the results.
Tomorrow or Tuesday we know more.

Have a nice sunday.

Love Simone

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Today it's nsd. I found some beautiful projects on two sites. One at creating keepsakes. The started monday wiht a video project with Erin Lincoln. I'm looking forward how the album at this project looks like. At this moment the have 2 steps ready and already looking good. Now i only need more time to scrapbook.
At two peas in a bucket the have a lot of free classes about several techniques. Also very funny to do. Only i have less time to look at both side. I hope that the will be tomorrow on the internet instead of deleting.
If there are more sites about nsd i like to hear from you where i can found them. Thanks already.

Love Simone

Ps. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow we are riding our third trail and we hope that we became second of third with this one. By the last one we became second.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby news

My dear friend Eeffie gave birth to her baby boy. His name is Killian. She told me he have already a little bit hear on his head and love blue eyes.
Next week i'll visit him and his mum.
Eeffie enjoy your time with him and congratulate Michiel also.

Love Simone

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snow Fun

The second day of Easter there was a little bit of snow. I promised Adne that when there is snow w're going out for to play. He love the snow so much. we also.
We used the dog of my sister for the slede, it's go so fast.
After 2 hours in the snow, snow started melting. Adne was a little bit down.
When i printed out the photos he keep looking at them the rest of the day.

Love Simone

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The results and a update

The result of our second trail we became second and at the overall resultats we are also second.
The first sunday in May we've our third trail. We keep our fingers crossed because we hope we be second again.

This morning i went gynaecoloog and everything is okay with the baby. The only problem i have that i'm still a little bit tired. I think that my job is taking to much energy. I hope that the next week i have more rest.

See you soon.
Love Simone

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Second trail

Today we have our second trail. The surroundings were this time very easy. We have 6 sentence points and hope to finish high in the top. On wednesday we have the results. Till wednesday.

Love Simone

Friday, April 04, 2008

2 new lo for my album

At this moment we are to the letter G. The letter G stands for Giggle. Adne loves if you tickles him and then he start to giggle. The first lo is for Adnes album and the second one is my album

Last night i finished my lo for the letter F. I used f for favorite photo. There are two photo is like the most. The first photo Adne with a bottle cola and he his 11 months old.
The second photo is Adne with his dad on a beach in France, he is 2 years old. When i see this pictures is that my heart is melting, it's so cute.

Love Simone

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Great news

After a long period of sick is and repair it is then at last up to that point I is pregnant of our second child. Yahooo.
I'm so happy and my hubby also.
At this moment i'm 15 weeks and the little one come end of Septembre.

love Simone

Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday.
Yesterday some family and friends come over because i have to work. This afternoon some special friends are coming over.
I hope that Adne will make for me a beautiful drawing or something wiht paint.

Love Simone

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Funny Face

For it's a creative world we are at the letter F.
For his album i used the Funny. I learned Adne how to make a Funny Face and everywhere we came he make his funny face. He still like doing this after 2 years.
Sometimes he is a naughty boy.

Love Simone

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Adne and hubby surprise me with a breaksfast and handmake painting egg.

love Simone

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Roledex challenge

Today i finish my roledex challenge of Eeffie the letters E and F.
The E stands for Enjoy. Most of the time i enjoy time when i'm at home with my family. Doing a little craft work with Adne or reading a book with him.
I spending time with my hubby.

Letter F stands for Favorite. I make a list for 10 things that favorite for me. Like scrapbooking, season, magazine, sport etc.

I'm looking forward for the next letter, Eeffie.

Love Simone

Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally i finish some lo.

Yesterday i had some time to finish a couple of lo for It's a creative world.
First the letter E.
For Adne lo i used the word eat because he has a protein allergie so he eats very bad. Sometimes he doesn't eat at all for a couple of days.
Now we know he problem we help him with like to eat at all the products with milk or soja is out of his dieet.
And now after 2 years he is eating better and growing in length. He still is very thin boy. So be it.

For my lo i used enthusiastic. I can be very enthisiastic about the time i'm scrapbooking because it's mean the world for me.
I also like to run. Next saterday there is contest in village and i hope that i can run 6 km. (i hope that i'm in the right shape because at this moment i have a noise cold.)
Family and friends are special to me only most of the time i'm to busy to visit them or they us.

Saterday i will finish the letter F.

Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone