Sunday, January 27, 2008


For the art journal of Emily i make my first card. I feel free when i feel and see the ocean because it give me the feeling of being as free possible. Sounds stupid but the ocean has something special with me. It's also for my hummy and Adne. They love the ocean also. I hope that we go this summer to France to smell , feel and see the ocean. I keep my fingers crossed. lol.
Love Simone

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Running for the first time

Today I had my first running game after I have become sick. And it went very good. I ran a time of 38 minutes and 40 secondes with a distance of 6.2 km. The time is good because when the distance is 5 km my time will be 30 minutes. At this moment i'm only a little tired and i hope that my sickness will not came back. So i keep my fingers crossed.

Have a nice saterday and speak to you on sunday
LOve Simone

Friday, January 25, 2008

Letter B

For the letter B i used the word Beautiful.
Adne is beautiful bouy when he is smiling but in September last year he loses hes front tooth that's why i love it when he is smiling. Everybody who's see him smiling tell my that he is a tough boy but he isn't . He hadn't have a not lucky when he felt on his face.

For my lo i also just the word beautiful. Only i don't feel beautiful on the outside but more in the inside. Because when i look at picture most of the time i see myself having a great time. My inner beauty is telling it throw my eyes because they sparkle.

Love Simone

Monday, January 21, 2008

Roledex challenge

My friend Eeffie start her own challenge. The side of the pages is that of a roledex. I have make something nice of this challenge.

The word is addicted. I'm confesing that i'm addicted to agendas and calendars. In my home you found anywhere. And always so nicer calanders then i already heave.

The word is believe. I believe in inner beauty and honesty of people. Only most of the people don't realize that the have it. Sometimes a lost the confidence in them.

LOve Simone

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A-z journal

I make my first lo for the a till z journal.

The first lo is for the album of Adne. The title is adore. i love the way Adne is living with us. He is a very lovely boy only he has a temper. There are moments that we have a hard time with him.
I love the photo so much when i see his smile i'm melting.

The lo for my album i just a photo of Adne and me. The guys give me a feeling that life is great. I give me the feeling that i'm a special person for them.

love Simone

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3 big lo

For me work could make I 3 large lo and i love the make this because almost everything i make the students like. Sometimes i hear please could you remove the picture. I can't because most of the time the expression on there face of the pose is lovely to look at.

The first lo is: gala.
Once a year the student came at school with beautiful cloth on, dance and swing most of the time.

The second lo is: cockworkshop.
The students make for the teachers a cockworkshop where they tell us how to make a lovely diner with a soup, an amuse, head court, a dessert. it's great to do. Both like it so much.

The last lo is: who is it?
I used the lo of this game. Only i change the pictures with a filter.
Most of the students this afternoon where looking of their pictures is on it. I used 72 pictures of 190.

love Simone

Thursday, January 10, 2008

To busy

This week i have to less time to scrapbook. My work make me to busy, i hope that i've tomorrow more time to scrap. I found on the internet a lot of nice challenge:

* Emily
* It's a creative world
* paperadventure
* 365 dags

I'm thinking about to do all these challenge. Only at this moment i don't get the time for it. I already start with the challenge of it's a creative world and Emily. i only have to read the challenge of 365 days and i think that i also like that one.
More news soon.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

My new blog layout

I thought a new year a new lo. I hope that you like it.
I was thinking for a long time that i wanna change my blog only the problems i have a lot of ideas in my head and less time to make it and today finally i've change it. It feels good to do it.
Only i've problems to get my picture by about me and when i leave a comment i also want to show my picture. Can somebody help me with this problem?
I think that is very easy only i can't find it. Help.
Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone

Friday, January 04, 2008

A-Z journal

Today starts the A till Z journal on it's a creatief world. I'm looking forward for this challenge. I hope that i van make 3 albums with this challenge: one for baby (Adne's first year), of life and crafters album. When i finish my lo i will show it to y0u.

love Simone

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The prompt of Emily is about: art.
Art means a lot to me.
It keep my breathing during the day. Every where i see i can found new technique, colours or ideas for a project. I've only the problem that there too less hours in a day.
I hope that Emily will start a new challenge this year. I love this challenge because she helps realize me that life is beautiful and great. Thanks Emily for that.

or know someone still a nice challenge on the internet? (like the one Emily has last year).

Love Simone

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy scrapyear

Happy scrapyear. I wish for everyone much health and luck. That you will make much beautiful projects and that we can admire these projects.
For these year i have a couple of goal:
* each week lo or project,
* visit a number of blog more regular,
* spending more time with family and friends instead of watching tv,
* looking for more challenges at scrapbooking, crafts and in daily life.

Love Simone

I have made photograph of the fire work of my brother in low. His fire works is used for events therefore real well (good) fire work.