Thursday, November 29, 2007

week 47

When i read about the prompt for this week about your happy place. My happy place is being at the beach or in the water. That give my very happy feeling. It's doesn't matter if it's in the summer or in autumn. There is something, i only didn't why?

Love Simone

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tag Tip

The last tip for this month is can use your tags for a title.
I think that you already know this tip but it's so funny to use and to make.
Just make with rub ons or with your own handwriting your lettering. And there you have a beautiful title.

Love Simone

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy birthday

Today is my hummy birthday. I hope that my present came rapidly within the sweetheart have just Wednesday have been told what he gladly want skilfully.
I love the car.
Happy birdday.

Love Simone

Friday, November 23, 2007

deck week 45 & 46.

For the challenge for emily was this week about:... rejuvenation.
When i hear about this word. I’m thinking about the way i keep smiling/laughing with friends and family. They keep my young.

Last week the prompt was self realisator. I discover that i will use my sewing machine and doodling more for my lo because the look is so great.

Sunday i will show you a lo that i make about feeting Adne when he is 3 months old. Evelien used this technique for a lo about her pregnancy. She is looking so proud with her pregnancy. I predicted all that it a boy becomes and it is correct also still according to its last appointment. I’m so happy for her. I only hope also rapidly pregnant am able be of our second child by my sickness not yet shoot on a month to wait to if look at it succeeds.
Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tag tip

Today's tip is make a mini album with your tags.
This one is more like a card.
I used to 2 piexes of cardstock and 1 piece vellum.
Sew it together and there you have a little lovely tag card.
Very easy but nice to receive.

Love Simone

Friday, November 16, 2007

adne first holiday

I make these los about the first holiday of Adne when he 1,5 month old. I like to pictures so much because is aunt ilona adores him.

We sleep in the tent by ilona and adne sleep in caravan by my parents. We staid there for 4 days and it was great.

At the camping we use a simple tummy tube. He loved to be in it. At this moment Adne use his camping tummy tube for sand. lol

Adne has a big trouble with falling in to sleep. Most of the time he fall a sleep when he was laying on the chest of his daddy. at this moment adne have to still a lot of effort in sleep fall. It succeeds him the bests as a mummy in the neighbourhood is. o little one.

have a nice weekend, see you soon.
Love Simone

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This month is about tags.
Everywhere you look, you see advent calenders. By this idea i make count down calender.
I use my sewing machine to hold the tags. The funny thing now you can rub off the tag and a little piece will still be on the card. LOL.
Have fun with this tip.

Love Simone

Friday, November 09, 2007

New books

Today i bought for myself 2 new books: Becky Higgens ~ Sketches and Ali Edwards ~ Life artist.
I like the style they both use so beautiful. If they are looking for me, i'm somewhere nobody can find me because i'm learning and reading the books.

Love Simone

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Home sweet home

Emily has ask her for this prompt to make something about home.
So i've tried to make a card with photoshop on my mac. the challenge for me is learn to make something with photoshop that is why i make this card. Maybe i will try to make this card with sheet and a photo. yes, i will do that when i have more time.
I took 2 pictures one of the backyard and the clock. In the summer we are most of the time in the backyard. Adne is playing with his toys and we are enjoying the sun.
We live here more then 6 years and still it's okay. Only soon we hope we can buy a new kitchen because this one is ugly. The colour is green/blue. Only we have no idea about a new colour and using the right space. So is there anybody for a nice solution.
At this moment is raining and storming out side that is why we spend our spare time in the neighbourhood of the wood stoof. The warm of wood stoof is so lovely better than central heating.

Love Simone

Techique tip for tags

The new month has come. Therefore also a new technique. I thought what to will do with tags. Perhaps know you it, but does not have everyone has them but sometimes you have trouble where or how to use them. Maybe i can give new ideas.

The first tip concerns make a beautiful collage.

You take beautiful pattern paper or a lovely stamp. Then you adhere your metal rimmed tags on the paper.

If you have cut them nicely. You will make a beautiful collage on a card and get you the next result.

Is itn't nicely.

I hope you can use this tip.

Love Simone

Monday, November 05, 2007

Trail no 6

Yesterday we have our last trail. This trail was a difficult one because the corners where very short and down hill it goes very fast.
Of the 22 participants we are as 6. We are very proud of it.
Next year there will be a next trail competition. We hope that we better next year because this year we missed 2 of the 6 trails. So in the overall list we are very high instead in the top ten.

Love Simone

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Deck of me Scary

I'm scared to spider, not the little one but the big ones. You can move the spider.
I'm also scared to lose a familymember or best friend. I don't think about it because it will break my heart.

Love Simone