Saturday, June 30, 2007


I went today the Dolls&Decorations for my box. And i love the paper and the embellishments. The theme is Black&White. They have also make lovely lo and 2 mini albums.
You can also make 8 parts of a mini album. Soon i will show you a picture of my mini album. It took some time to make it but the results are okay. Keep going ladies of the DT team of Dolls&Decorations.

Love Simone

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I wish

I wish a lot of things.
I wish that my husband have a nice trip to belgium.
I wish that Ande have a nice birthday.
I wish that the doctor tells me that i can use less medicine.
I wish that the rains stops and the sun will shine again.
I hope that my wishes come true.

Yesterday evening i start with a sketch from Becky Higgings. I used some Black White photo. Soon i will give you a sneek preview of the lo. One little hint everything is black - white.

love Simone

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week 3

Yesterday evening i make my lo for week 3 of scrapbooking the secret. The goal this week was make a lo about dreaming. In my lo i have choice for dreaming in the past. A coouple of dreams are already realize. Sjoerd became a father and drive is own landrover Serie II. My dreams were became a mother, scrapper and house owner.
But still i have more dreams.................publish some of my lo, get healthy, get more time to spend with special friends.
And i'm going to realize them.

love Simone

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Week two of scrapping the secret

Yesterday evening i finished my second week of the scrappingbooking the secret. i love it so much. it also realize that there is something more than ..........
Last week the challenge was make a lo with the feeling trigger. So i make a lo where my sad feeling turn in a good feeling. The first one is laying in the arms of Sjoerd and the next one when Adne and Sjoerd are tickeling each other. I love the boys so much.

Today i have start with week 3. This week is make a lo about dreams. And i like that one, because we all of dreams. Sometimes you can realize them other ones the are dreams and over a couple of years you can realize them also. (i hope)

love Simone

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Happy Fatherday.

Today is it Fatherday. It's the second time that Sjoerd get a personal gift from Adne. Last year we make a nice picture of the two of us. This year Adne make is own present. It is a pig. You can use it for ............................. ( i don't know where for.)
He also get the cd of MIKA. He love the song Grace Kelly so much. Okay it is also a lovely song.
I hope that very father have today a nice Fatherday.

These flowers are a symbol for the composition of this family.
This are the presents he get form us and he love them.

love Simone

Friday, June 15, 2007

The first lo for the secret of me

Last evening I have made my first lo for the secret of me and an other a make to. The lo idea i get them from scrapbookingthesecret. Okay i know they start 2 weeks ago but my sickness doesn't let start it from time to time somewhere. I hate it. I hope that I this weekend i can make the delay smaller. Today the next challenge will come. I'm very curious.

Adne and Sjoerd are the guys they make me smile. This will be the first to pages.
The rest will come soon.

love Simone

Monday, June 11, 2007

busy weekend

Last weekend was very busy. Adne and i were a little ill. And i hoped that I could finish 3 lo, but that did not succeed. But todya i have finished them. Cool i finished in 2 days time 3 lo. That is really my record. I love deadlines (sometimes)

Tomorrow for studies into the hospital, but afterwards with my sis to Rotterdam.1 night sleep in a hotel and nice shopping in Rotterdam (pien's atelier for a visit and the zoo). Just 1 night to go.

love Simone

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Secret

Today I got my book the secret. My best girlfriend Evelien told me about the book the secret reach the ultimate. To much developement last year, I want to change it and I hope that the book can help me. We will wait it quietly, but I am best curious or it succeeds. Secret Wallpapers
Maybe........................................................................................ not.
I hope so. It is so difficult to find each day a fine moment. Sometimes there is no fine moment and then ........... i hope that someone can help me.
I am absolutely not depressive but not so lively.

love Simone

Friday, June 01, 2007

Catching crab

Last summer i have tried to learn Adne to chatch little crabs.
And when i look to this pictures i remember the enthusiasm of Adne when he see a crab.

The challenge for this LO was to use felt. I was afraid that felt give a strange effect. Slowly beginning the valua of felt. i think that i use more felt in lo.

pattern paper: basicgrey. others: felt, handwriting.

Soon i wil so the lo i have used for the contest for Scrap-Club.

Love Simone