Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Technique tip for chipboard

Today is the last tip about chipboard.
By this tip i will show you how you can decorate chipboard. The easiest way is paint time. An other way is to use ribbon. Make a little hole and then get your ribbon throw it. And so you get your decorate chipboard.
Have fun with the tip.

Love Simone

Monday, October 29, 2007

Deck of my update

Today i finished my grateful project. Throw this prompt i realize that there is always something to be grateful for.
Everyday i will looking now for something i'm grateful for.

Week 25: a photo that means something to you....
This photo means a lot to me because this photo is token when Adne is for the first time in the snow. He was 9 months old. Anouk is Adne's best friend. They have played a lot time to gether and the still play together.

Week 24: rembember when......
When i read this prompt i realize that there are people who love me no matter what happend. Thank you guys for your ever lasting love. It also make a little bit sad.

Week 23: right now.
I liked this prompt because throw this prompt i realize that my life is okay. When i look back at this year not everything is looking so good. I start in January with a fever but the fever became a sickness with no name. I was still laying in my bed with 40 degrees and sweeting. In May the sickness is getting a name. With this name i slowly recover. My condition was so bad that i can walk 500 metres in 15 minutes and have to rest for a hour. After the summer i can walk 5 km in a hour and there are less moments that i have to rest.
And now in October i can run 3 km in 25 minutes, so i can see i'm back in life again.
Only there are moments when everything is going bad and at that moment that is a little attack and that is still can go on with my life.
That is also the reason why in the period January till June there a few post.

Tomorrow i will post the prompt off this week. SCarY.
Have a nice day.

Love Simone

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grateful Thursday

Today i'm very grateful that Evelien is my very best friend. We are colleagues and friends.
W've a lot things the same.
For example: we both have one child (she is pregnant of the second and i hope soon),
we both like to scrapbook and talk a lot about scrap celebrity,
we talk a lot about family and scrapbooking while we are working,
Thank you Evelien for being my best friend. I love you, girl.

Kayleigh is so lovely girl to look at. She's so adorable.

Love Simone

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grateful Wednesday

Today i'm grateful that my job allow me that i have two afternoons free. So i spent my spare time with Adne. Tuesday is daddiesday. Adne and his dad go for a morning swim and spending the afternoon for doing something together. Sometimes they are doing together the garden or in the sandcorner.

This afternoon i was trying to make something beautiful for his grandfather. Only after 5 minutes Adne has done enough so i finished for him.
It's so great to see that he learns fast only his patience is worse. But i still adores his curiosity.

Love Simone

Chipboard tip

It's wednesday again that means technique tip day.
This tip is about stamping with chipboard. There are moments that you are looking for the perfect stamp that fit with your lo only there is a piece of chipboard that's fit.
The solution is use your piece of chipboard and stamp with it.

With a little piece of temporarily tape you place it on your acrylic stamp block and paint it with the colour you like.

Stamp onto paper, a little bit of press and there you have your own chipboard stamp.

Have fun with this tip.

Love Simone

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday's grateful

Today i'm grateful that i can run again. Last December i run a distance of 10 km. In Januari i became ill and stop running. My good form became lower than zero. When i walk 500 metres, i was out of breath. In July my illness was stabiel so i start running again and now in Oktober i can run 3 km. I hope in December to run 5 km again. And maybe next year it will be 10 km again. i hope so.

Have nice day.

Love Simone

Monday, October 22, 2007


The prompt for this week of the challenge of Emily is grateful.
She asks us make a photo, words or something else about grateful for every day of the week.

So i start on sunday i was very grateful for the great day we have (with the three of us) during terrain riding. We had some much fun together. 4th of novembre we have our next terrain riding.
Today i'm grateful that Adne is going to bed and fall a sleep instead of crying from 6 till 9 (for more than 3 or 4 hours).

The prompt of week 27: junk mail.
Ali was asked to make this challenge. She asked to use something you found by your mail.

When i hear the word mail i think on everything you receive at home or at your computer. Post mail, junk mail (computer and post) and e-mail.
For this lo i just a folder sign. With this sign they tell you that this product is very cheap.

The prompt for week 26 is celebrating daughers.

I was looking for a picture of my sister and me but a found a funny picture of my mum.
When people is me wiht my mum they tell us you are mum and daughter.
Sometimes it's funny to hear sometimes not. Because i also hear you can see she is the daughter because i know her mum. LOL.

Tomorrow i'll show you the photo of what i'm gratefull off.

Love Simone

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Little walk

Today we went for a little walk throw the woods. Adne loved walking on trees who has fall down throw a storm. He told me that monkeys lives in trees and now he is a monkey because he walks on a tree.
I love the thought of a little child. It's come for his heart.
Have a great weekend.

Love Simone

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chipboard Tip

The tip for this week is a funny one. Make your own mirror letters.
You take the chipboard and try to cut the chipboard in two with your knife.

Use the beautiful side to experience the text. You can decorate the beautiful side in several manners (to see tip last week).
The side which you have are cut the mirror side.

And this way you can make a beautiful piece of work much pleasure with the tip.
Next week already the last tip concerning chipboard.

Love Simone

Monday, October 15, 2007

Magic carpet

The prompt from Emily: is magic carpet.

When i read about the magic carpet at that moment i was thinking about the holidays in France and Norway. In France we go for the days full of sun. We go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. The water is then about 20 degrees Celsius.
In Norway we go for the snow. ( in the summer in the mountains there is a lot of snow).

In week 29 the prompt is perfect.

The text is Throw your eyes the world is perfect, throw my eyes inperfect. I hope that you can change it.
The world is (in)perfect. If i look the world i think the world is inperfect because it always there is possible why that can go better but that has to there also experience that you have seen already a lot of things and can come along you it there compare.
When you are still a child then are possible you draw from the impressions which you have made up still but and then the world sees, however, differently.

Week 28 is goal of the week

The goal of this week is clean my scraproom because it is a mess. I have the size of playing card to work on. And that isn't much.
I've read on the blog of PJ about making your own foam stamps. This week i will make some stamps. I love the idea.
Soon i will show you some stamps i make by my own.

love Simone

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not anymore

Emily's prompt this week is not anymore. You can translate it in a lot of different opions. Little chidern grow up, your own habits can change. I learn throw the years to try be myself and like myself.

Week 31 the prompt is no regrets.
When i tought at this prompt i realize that i like to spend most of my time with my family and friends. Sometimes means that i can't scrap or do some work for my job. When I was very sick I have realised what family and friends for you can mean.

The prompt for week 30 is count your blessings.
When a start counting my blessings i was thinking on my husband, son and my family. I like the job i have (i'm a teacher) and love my few good friends.

Love Simone

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Technique tip

Today a tip which in fact very easy and rapidly to use.
If you used your characters or form then you got left overs. And there is something very funny you can do with them.
You can stamp, paintings or doodle them. And then you can put them everywhere you like.
Much pleasure with the tip.

Love Simone

Extra tip: you can also use them also for mask.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Yesterday we have ower first trail together with our landrover. It was great to do it. Of the 22 cars we became 9. That's okay only we hope that we came second of third. In november we have the last trail. We will try again for second of thirth place.

Love Simone

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Deck of me: week 39

For the art journal prompt of Emily is someone spesh! (special that is). There are a lot of people who are special for me. But from this people haven't pictures of them. I think on my parents, little sister and my special friend Evelien.
So i took a picure of the man I love my whole life and understand my beter than myself: Sjoerd. He is the guy i can count on. Thank you dear for being a part of my life. Love Simone.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Technique tip for chipboard

This month concerns chipboard. That first tip concerns something funny what you can do with chipboard. It's very simple but nice.

You take your chipboard letters and a few little pieces of pattern paper.

Glue you little peices of paper on the chipboard.

Then you it to cut out.

Here you have the chipboard with a nice design.

Have fun with this tip.

Love Simone

Monday, October 01, 2007


Today I bought a bracelet from the breast cancer society. When you make 3 knots in the ribbon and 3 wishes, you lose the bracelet then the wishes come true. There 4 little bed awls: heart (for love), pearl (for beauty) , coin (for prosperity) and 4 leave clover (for luck).
I love the idea. You also support the research for breast cancer.

Love Simone