Friday, September 26, 2008

My lovely baby

Hello dear blog readers,

I took a short break because i have to recover from my labour.
On monday 15 September I gave birth to a son. His name is Kalle Fredrick. He such a sweet boy.

You read more about him soon.
Sorry i have to go for my nap.

Love Simone

Monday, September 08, 2008

What i recieved today?

Today gave to the mailman me two kits. one from the creation and one of the dozens. Deliciously to unpack and enjoy what the ladies of the company put in the kit. the stuff is so beautiful. I hope that Thursday will be the day that i have some time to scrap. Only the problem is that scraproom became Adne's bedroom and on the second floor Sjoerd is working hard to make my new room. Only it take more time then we expected. So if there are scrappers for a great ideas about scraprooms or have pictures. please share it with me.

love Simone

Friday, September 05, 2008

Baby room is ready

Today i finish the babyroom and i like the style and decorations we used for this child. Adne's babyroom was with Winnie the Pooh. And he still love Winnie the Pooh. His best friend is Lumpy. When he tired or sad or feeling insecur he ask for Lumpy

At the door we placed some love stickers, we bought in France last summer. Above the bed we make a tent with a mobile. I hope that the baby came soon because everything is clean and the first of clothes are lying on the bed waiting for the moment. birth announcmentcards are ready. Sjoerd make a lovely poem a few days ago. And we are both very curious about the baby. What will be the colors of the hair, eyes. What for face will have, will it have my face of Sjoerd of a mix of both.

We have to wait and wait only we are losing sometimes our patience.
Speak to you soon.

Love Simone