Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally i finish some lo.

Yesterday i had some time to finish a couple of lo for It's a creative world.
First the letter E.
For Adne lo i used the word eat because he has a protein allergie so he eats very bad. Sometimes he doesn't eat at all for a couple of days.
Now we know he problem we help him with like to eat at all the products with milk or soja is out of his dieet.
And now after 2 years he is eating better and growing in length. He still is very thin boy. So be it.

For my lo i used enthusiastic. I can be very enthisiastic about the time i'm scrapbooking because it's mean the world for me.
I also like to run. Next saterday there is contest in village and i hope that i can run 6 km. (i hope that i'm in the right shape because at this moment i have a noise cold.)
Family and friends are special to me only most of the time i'm to busy to visit them or they us.

Saterday i will finish the letter F.

Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone

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Eeffie said...

Great layouts! The pic of Adne is really cute!