Thursday, October 16, 2008

one month

Yesterday was Kalle already a month. You can't hardly imagine. The time goes to fast. It feels if yesterday that I went with my lovely belle to the hospital and a day later with a small baby in my arms. And now i know from the first time i saw hem he is my boy and i love more then life. The same to Adne.

I love my boys so much that i can cry when i think about them. There are moments when they are laying together in my bed or on the bank, i feel so blessed.
Tonight i will start with my first lo for his album. At this moment i'm still tired because breast feeding him take a lot of energy. There are 3 hours between the two feedings (even throw the nights)
Speak to you soon.

Love Simone


Je@net said...

Aaah, wat een schatje! Prachtige foto's Simone!

Eeffie said...

Ze lijken zoveel op elkaar! Jullie hebben twee mooie zoons, hoor!

Enne, wat gaat de tijd toch snel, he?