Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy day

Today is my happy day because my docter called my and told my that i can use less medicine. 4 pills instead of 6 and when everything goes okay i only have to take 1 pill (maintenance).
I'm so happy.

Today is also Adne last day at day nursey "Janneke" after the holidays he goes to an other
babysister and an other day nersey "Jip".
I make for the teacher a nice card and the also get a Merci. I think that they appreciatid.

More news i have send my lo for a Becky Higgins sketch december 2007.
I have used a lot Black & white.
I have use it because have that feeling by the picture. I hope to hear something of the editors.
I keep my fingers crossed.

At this moment are this the things for a happy day.

Love Simone
Happy day

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Eeffie said...

Great to hear all this good news!!!!

Can't wait to see your layout...