Saturday, July 21, 2007


On monday where are going on a holiday, we are going to Norway. The weather will be alright. At this moment the sun is shining and means we are trying to walk with Adne. He hopes that he will stand in the snow with his feet.
This will be our first visit to norway. And everybody we have spoken with tell us it is a very beautiful country.
They also told us that the south of Norway looks like the south coast of France and Italy. And that the Fjords are very beautyfull like the pictures.
We are going for 3 weeks. And i hope that i can make very nice picture of the fjords but also off the man. (like last year)

I hope that i can found some scrapbook store over there. I've already find some scrapbookstore is Sweden but that isn't the country we are going to.
Maybe some one can give me an adress.

I wish for everybody a nice holiday, enjoy the sunshine (before you know it is raining again, like last night LOL)
Drive savely and carefully. Okay i'll drive savely also.
Maybe i can find a internetcafe in Norway and tell you something about my trip.

love Simone


Eeffie said...

Hope you have a great time! Be careful and drive safely!

Moniå said...

I can recommend you to o to Bikuben in Strömmen a little bit north about Oslo. I think the adress is Strømsveien 52. You can lock at They dont have much to sell by internet but the store is amazing. They have everything!!! No store like this in sweden at all. I came from Norway today and were there shopping before the weekend. I hope you get a nice vacation in Norway.