Thursday, November 29, 2007

week 47

When i read about the prompt for this week about your happy place. My happy place is being at the beach or in the water. That give my very happy feeling. It's doesn't matter if it's in the summer or in autumn. There is something, i only didn't why?

Love Simone


Eeffie said...

Beautiful picture of you and Adne. is that a stamp you used? It looks great!

Paula said...

Great card. The sea is very calming, it washes along the shore & if you watch it & breathe deeply, you can feel it wash your worries away with it. That's why you feel such inner peace near the water. I fear water but do find it calming too.

Je@net said...

Mooie kaart Simone!! Net als jij ben ik gek op water! Alleen die heerlijke lucht van de zee al....mmmh!!

Caz said...

Hey Simone!!

We have fixed the problem with the creative girl butoon and have instructions on how to get it into your blog :)

See you soon!!
It's a Creative Girls!!

valerie said...

fab photo looks like you are having such an idyllic time


Mika said...

Hai Simone, thanks for your comment. We have a defender 90 (1987)Rik my boyfriend is very proud about our car and love to drive around in it. I love the car but I tink it's a boy thing!!! Have a great evening. Mika