Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Home sweet home

Emily has ask her for this prompt to make something about home.
So i've tried to make a card with photoshop on my mac. the challenge for me is learn to make something with photoshop that is why i make this card. Maybe i will try to make this card with sheet and a photo. yes, i will do that when i have more time.
I took 2 pictures one of the backyard and the clock. In the summer we are most of the time in the backyard. Adne is playing with his toys and we are enjoying the sun.
We live here more then 6 years and still it's okay. Only soon we hope we can buy a new kitchen because this one is ugly. The colour is green/blue. Only we have no idea about a new colour and using the right space. So is there anybody for a nice solution.
At this moment is raining and storming out side that is why we spend our spare time in the neighbourhood of the wood stoof. The warm of wood stoof is so lovely better than central heating.

Love Simone


Eeffie said...

Great work on the photoshop! Love the result!

Good luck next Friday with your appointment. Hope all goes well!

Jenny said...

What a lovely card! You did a great job.

Je@net said...

Gaaf gedaan met photoshop Simone!!

Anonymous said...

You did great, thats a wonderful idea, I'll have to try it.