Wednesday, December 12, 2007

december decoration tip 2

The second tip for this month is this beautiful skate.
What you need:
* piece of cardboard
* 5 inch square piece of fabric
* sewing machine
* large paper clip
* polyester fiberfill

Draw a shape of a skate on the cardboard and cute it out.
Fold the fabric so that you trace 2 skates in one time.
Cut it out.
Machine sew through both layers of fabric on the traced lines, leaving a straight edge unstitched.
Fill the skate wiht fiberfill and make a hanging loop. Hand-sew trim arount the top of the skate.
Slide a paper clip into the skate at the bottom fold of the blade. If necessary, make a tiny opening with a siccors tip to insert the paper clip.
There you have a little skate.

Love Simone

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