Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Deck of me week 50

I make mine card for the prompt of this week: the greatest gift.
I realize that the greatest gift at this moment for being healthty. At this moment i'm feeling well only i know when there is a lot of stress i can be sick again.

An other great gift in my life are my hummy and my little boy. They give colour to me days when i feeling when a little of my sickness is coming back. But we are trying to look at the bright side of life.

Love Simone

Sorry for the bad second picture the text and this card i already explain it in the text above.


Marjolein said...

Great card Simone, hope your health stays ok!

Paula said...

Fab card.
Wishing you health & happiness in 2008. Merry Christmas.

Je@net said...

Great card Simone!

Eeffie said...

Like your card. And I hope you stay well!

Lis said...

Wonderful card :)

saffiertje said...

Simone, your card is great!