Saturday, May 03, 2008


Today it's nsd. I found some beautiful projects on two sites. One at creating keepsakes. The started monday wiht a video project with Erin Lincoln. I'm looking forward how the album at this project looks like. At this moment the have 2 steps ready and already looking good. Now i only need more time to scrapbook.
At two peas in a bucket the have a lot of free classes about several techniques. Also very funny to do. Only i have less time to look at both side. I hope that the will be tomorrow on the internet instead of deleting.
If there are more sites about nsd i like to hear from you where i can found them. Thanks already.

Love Simone

Ps. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow we are riding our third trail and we hope that we became second of third with this one. By the last one we became second.

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