Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby update

Today we went to the gynaecologist and Sjoerd shaw for the first time on the ultrasonic the little baby. He was very enthusiastic when he shaw the face, the tiny feet and fingers. He realize that he'll became for the second time a dad. He makes plans what he can do with the little one.
The gynaecologist cannot find the gender of the little one. So we wait for the next ultrasone.
The little one have a pet name: Butterfly. Because most of the time i can feel move all over in my belly, it's like tickling.
My belly isn't very big, when i look around me and i see women when they are 3 or 4 months pregnant there belly is bigger then mine. They have pregnancy cloths on then i'm glad that i still where a lot of my own cloths. LOL

Enjoy the weather because here in the Netherlands the weather is great. A lot of sunshine and the themperature is 24 degrees centrigrade.
Next weekend we go camping with the landrover so we hope that we some weather.

Love Simone


lianne said...

That is great news!
Nice that you can waer your own cloths.

Eeffie said...

Glad you enjoyed the ultrasound. Too bad, you couldn't see the gender!