Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back in Town

After being 2,5 weeks in France, we are back in Holland.
We have been camping to the Mediterranean sea, and it was great.We have visit a cave in Darligan, golf of rosas (Spain), bridge in Millau and the beach of Narbonne plage.

Frozen rose in the cave the Dargilon.

Beach of Rosas (Spain)

Bridge of Millau. The longest and highst of the world.

Beach of Narbonne plage. The water was warm.
The temperature is 30 graden celsius and the water is 25 graden celsius during the night is 25 graden celsius. I wanna go back because i'm feeling beter then here in the netherlands. The climate is there much better.

Now i only have to found some time to scrap and making the baby room okay. 7 weeks to go i can't wait to look at this little one because he/she is making me nuts about moving around in my belly and you can see it very good on the outside.

Speak to you soon.

Love Simone


Je@net said...

Ziet er uit als een heerlijke vakantie Simone. Fijn dat jullie zo genoten hebben!

Eeffie said...

Mooie foto's! Fijn dat jullie het zo leuk gehad hebben. De laatste vakantie met z'n drietjes...! Ben zo benieuwd naar jullie kleintje!

Succes met de laatste weken!

Lianne said...

Ziet er leuk uit!
In Frankrijk is het zeker een lekker klimaat ja!