Friday, August 29, 2008

Second day of leave.

Yesterday started my leave. 4 weeks for the delivery date. I hope that the baby will came soon because i only have to decorated the room a little bit with some painting on the wall and stickers at the door.
My body is hurting a lot, most of the time my belly is feeling hard and my ribs on the right side hurt. Sometimes it hurt so much that i start crying. Nobody can take pain away. I hate that.
Sjoerd already told my that he thinks that the baby will come soon because i'm cleaning the house and i'm restless. I hope he right.

At this moment i have still no time to scrapbook. i hope that it will be next week. I mis scrapbooking a lot. Next week beter.

Have a nice friday.

love Simone


Eeffie said...

Hang in there! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you...Good luck tomorrow!

Eeffie said...

Sorry, I mean Thursday!

Je@net said...

Sterkte met de laatste loodjes meis!!