Sunday, February 03, 2008

Something else

After a year scrappingbooking about the life of Adne i have diceded to make some lo about our landrover. In september last year after being sick for 6 month my hubby and i decided to ride this trail together istead that somebody else enjoys hubby with his trail.
The first test was hard because we aren't op elkaar ingespeeld. But after that it became better and better and the end of the day the results was that we are 8th of the 25 cars. Yeah. Hubby is hoping that the last trail will be better than this one. And he was right we became 6th of the 25 cars.

I will show you soon the lo of this trail.

Love Simone


Eeffie said...

is layout. I like the way you used a lot of pictures. Next time you'll come in first place!

Eeffie said...

Sorry, I meant: I love this layout(verkeerd getypd).