Monday, July 07, 2008

Falling in love

Last week i found a twin on the internet and fall in love with them. The twin's name is Frokkie and Lola.
They are so cute. I also found day rhythm cards of them. I make a bord with the days and i hope so that Adne can found his ritme again. Normally when we are working he's at school or by the daycare. But now the summer holiday has already started and he loses is ritme he'sn't the most happiest person at this moment. I hope that i will be beter tomorrow. More news soon.

Love Simone


Je@net said...

Die zijn inderdaad gaaf! Leuk idee die dagritmekaartjes!

Eeffie said...

Wat leuk!!! Gaaf idee, joh! Dat geeft de kids echt een beetje houvast. Helemaal handig als Adne straks naar school moet.