Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Today i started ..

Today i started with my mini-albums about my pregnancy for the second child. I wanna make a journal about every month, some pictures and special things. I found some great ideas at two peas in bucket and scrap in style tv
I have tried to stop thinking about school and spend more time for scrapbooking and for Adne (because the holiday started for us).

Also the kit of the dozens arrived today and the kit is awesome. I love the style the use. I think that i will use some great stuff of there kit for the mini album. Keep going this way, girls.

Love Simone

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Eeffie said...

That kit was so cool! Loved all the bright colors!

Can't wait to see your mini album...! I know you will make something beautiful. I hope you and your baby are doing fine. The warm weather the last two days must have been pretty rough for you!

Enjoy your holiday and take some time to do fun things!