Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some baby news

Today i went to the doctor for appionment for butterfly. The doctor told that the little have long legs, because these run in front approximately 2 weeks. His/Her head is okay. We still don't know the gender of our child. We already say against each other we don't know the gender it will be a surprise for the next 12 weeks. With Adne we didn't know also.
The little butterfly lies with his/her butt down and in about 6 weeks he/she can turn with his/her head down other wise the doctor will help turning it. So i keep my fingers crossed.

Have a nice weekend with a lot of sunshine and moments to be creative.

Love Simone


Je@net said...

Fijn dat alles goed gaat Simone!
Fijn weekend!

Eeffie said...

Wat een goed nieuws! En wat zie je er mooi uit met die dikke buik!