Monday, September 03, 2007

Candy pot

Adne's teacher ask me of i can make candies pot for him. Adne have a milk allergy and in many candies have milk processes.If there now children from his class treat on something sweet then Adne take something from his candies pot . He is proud on his pot, because there nice dino on.

I have also other good news. The rheuma doctor told me that everthing goes well on this moment there are no new inflammation and for this reason can put I stop my medecines but could there a new attack be then must I take my medecines and i have to go back to my doctor. NO MEDECINES. A half year ago i was thinking of i can scrap of type a little bit for my blog and now i complete back a life. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want thank everyone for there mails, calls for its support during this sickness peroide. THANK you very much.

love Simone


Allison said...

Cool pot and a very good idea!!
thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a lovely comment!!

Eeffie said...

That pot is very nice! It's a good thing Adne has his own pot so he doesn't get candy that makes him feel sick. He looks so prood of his pot!

I'm so glad that the doc said you can stop your medication. Who could have thought that a while ago? WoW! Now keep up your good health and really take care of yourself. Your life and family come first and then everything else!