Friday, September 28, 2007

Week 38 challenge

These are the lastet cards by Emily.
This week 38 is the prompt: i wonder.

Each day I surprise myself what there happens all. I can apply not yet real "the secret". Each day seem because of this surprise me, however. That is for which I have written " I wonder what will tomorrow brings."

Also i have make 3 cards one is about funny. (week 34)
Funniest of this challenge is that and I a lot of fun together can Adne especially if you try him tickle. And if he starts laugh then can you actual you do not laugh in to keep and start you with him laugh. This way contagious, but deliciously to do. Love you, Adne.

An other nice challenge is make a lo in 10 minutes. (week 33) It is really a challenge make lo in 10 minutes. I thought that me never something succeeds nice make, but I am best at peace with my creation. I have made him real with the attributes which at that moment could find, but I have got because of this another look on the use of material.

And the last card i have make is about quite. (week 32) If I think of quietly then think I of quietly the ck read or quiet scrapbooken or sleep.and it must be ............... shhhhhhh!!!!!! (mom is doing something in rest.)

love Simone


Eeffie said...

The card with you and Adne is my favourite! Love that picture! It just makes me smile!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I think you are the best friend ever, because I know it must be hard sometimes(you know what I mean...?). But I'm sure your wishes will come true soon! Take care!

Je@net said...

You've been a busy girl!
Great cards!!

Paula said...

Really fabulous cards. Great colours & fab style.

Lis said...

Wonderful cards :)