Thursday, September 20, 2007

Deck of me

My dear friend Eeffie told my a long time ago about the site of Emily and her lovely challenge. It took my some time to get the nurve to start with her challenge. And last sunday she give you the prompt to draw something. And the last three week Adne ask me every day to draw something for him. Every subject is okay. It could be a whale or a train or a portrai of him. So that is way i start.

The prompt for week 37 is draw something.
I draw something about us.

The promt for week 36 is life is beautiful.
After a long time being sick a realize when we are together than i love life the most.

Adne and my husband give the power to live and to make fun. Thank you, guys for being in my life.

love Simone


Marjolein said...

I love your drawing and last weeks prompt is great too!! Nice to see you participating!!

Je@net said...

What a cute card! Love the drawing, isn't this a great challenge!!

Eeffie said...

Love your cards. Great drawings!

Paula said...

Nice to see a new face. It is such fun love your cards.