Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Technique tip

The last tip this month about stamping.

You have a flower or doodle stampt and a lovely colour you only have you not the correct colour in your aquarel box. What to do then?

Very easy.

Stamp your image on paper. You take a sheet and your inkpad. Ink your sheet and take a brush.

Then you will colour him in with a brush.

At colouring your stamp you can see that you colour barge is then the stamped colour.

Everyone now thinks that with water-colour only you know better than that. LOL

Much pleasure with this tip.

love Simone


Marlies said...

This sounds interesting, Simone!
I am intrigued by this, I am just not sure if I get it. So you stamp it first in another color?

groetjes Marlies

Scrapanimal said...

You use the same colour of inkt for the letters and the inside of the letters.

love Simone

Eeffie said...

Great tip! I will defintely try it!