Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3 big lo

For me work could make I 3 large lo and i love the make this because almost everything i make the students like. Sometimes i hear please could you remove the picture. I can't because most of the time the expression on there face of the pose is lovely to look at.

The first lo is: gala.
Once a year the student came at school with beautiful cloth on, dance and swing most of the time.

The second lo is: cockworkshop.
The students make for the teachers a cockworkshop where they tell us how to make a lovely diner with a soup, an amuse, head court, a dessert. it's great to do. Both like it so much.

The last lo is: who is it?
I used the lo of this game. Only i change the pictures with a filter.
Most of the students this afternoon where looking of their pictures is on it. I used 72 pictures of 190.

love Simone

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Eeffie said...

Love the last one with the colors! Great idea!