Saturday, January 05, 2008

My new blog layout

I thought a new year a new lo. I hope that you like it.
I was thinking for a long time that i wanna change my blog only the problems i have a lot of ideas in my head and less time to make it and today finally i've change it. It feels good to do it.
Only i've problems to get my picture by about me and when i leave a comment i also want to show my picture. Can somebody help me with this problem?
I think that is very easy only i can't find it. Help.
Have a nice weekend.

Love Simone

1 comment:

Eeffie said...

Love the new banner! AwEsOmE!

And I can't really help you out on your pic. I know I tried some things(can't remember what!) and all of a sudden my pic was there. I'll try and find out how I did it...