Monday, October 29, 2007

Deck of my update

Today i finished my grateful project. Throw this prompt i realize that there is always something to be grateful for.
Everyday i will looking now for something i'm grateful for.

Week 25: a photo that means something to you....
This photo means a lot to me because this photo is token when Adne is for the first time in the snow. He was 9 months old. Anouk is Adne's best friend. They have played a lot time to gether and the still play together.

Week 24: rembember when......
When i read this prompt i realize that there are people who love me no matter what happend. Thank you guys for your ever lasting love. It also make a little bit sad.

Week 23: right now.
I liked this prompt because throw this prompt i realize that my life is okay. When i look back at this year not everything is looking so good. I start in January with a fever but the fever became a sickness with no name. I was still laying in my bed with 40 degrees and sweeting. In May the sickness is getting a name. With this name i slowly recover. My condition was so bad that i can walk 500 metres in 15 minutes and have to rest for a hour. After the summer i can walk 5 km in a hour and there are less moments that i have to rest.
And now in October i can run 3 km in 25 minutes, so i can see i'm back in life again.
Only there are moments when everything is going bad and at that moment that is a little attack and that is still can go on with my life.
That is also the reason why in the period January till June there a few post.

Tomorrow i will post the prompt off this week. SCarY.
Have a nice day.

Love Simone


Eeffie said...

WoW! What a lot of cards! Love all of them. The pic of you and Sjoerd is so romantic...

Thanks for you birthday card. I(and Kayleigh!) loved it!

Marjolein said...

Great cards Simone!! Good catching up!