Monday, October 15, 2007

Magic carpet

The prompt from Emily: is magic carpet.

When i read about the magic carpet at that moment i was thinking about the holidays in France and Norway. In France we go for the days full of sun. We go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. The water is then about 20 degrees Celsius.
In Norway we go for the snow. ( in the summer in the mountains there is a lot of snow).

In week 29 the prompt is perfect.

The text is Throw your eyes the world is perfect, throw my eyes inperfect. I hope that you can change it.
The world is (in)perfect. If i look the world i think the world is inperfect because it always there is possible why that can go better but that has to there also experience that you have seen already a lot of things and can come along you it there compare.
When you are still a child then are possible you draw from the impressions which you have made up still but and then the world sees, however, differently.

Week 28 is goal of the week

The goal of this week is clean my scraproom because it is a mess. I have the size of playing card to work on. And that isn't much.
I've read on the blog of PJ about making your own foam stamps. This week i will make some stamps. I love the idea.
Soon i will show you some stamps i make by my own.

love Simone


Tristan said...

I've heard the beaches in France are amazing! Great card!

Eeffie said...

Love your cards! Enjoy your holiday!

Je@net said...

Great cards Simone! Sounds like great holiday's!

Thinkie said...

Hoi Simone,

ik ben op je log terechtgekomen via je reactie op mijn log op m'n noorwegen-LO's, ik moet mijn kaartje voor het magic-carpet thema nog maken, ik wacht nog op de foto die ik wil gebruiken, en reken maar dat ik ook naar Noorwegen zou vliegen ;-)


Sylvia said...

This is great info to know.