Monday, October 22, 2007


The prompt for this week of the challenge of Emily is grateful.
She asks us make a photo, words or something else about grateful for every day of the week.

So i start on sunday i was very grateful for the great day we have (with the three of us) during terrain riding. We had some much fun together. 4th of novembre we have our next terrain riding.
Today i'm grateful that Adne is going to bed and fall a sleep instead of crying from 6 till 9 (for more than 3 or 4 hours).

The prompt of week 27: junk mail.
Ali was asked to make this challenge. She asked to use something you found by your mail.

When i hear the word mail i think on everything you receive at home or at your computer. Post mail, junk mail (computer and post) and e-mail.
For this lo i just a folder sign. With this sign they tell you that this product is very cheap.

The prompt for week 26 is celebrating daughers.

I was looking for a picture of my sister and me but a found a funny picture of my mum.
When people is me wiht my mum they tell us you are mum and daughter.
Sometimes it's funny to hear sometimes not. Because i also hear you can see she is the daughter because i know her mum. LOL.

Tomorrow i'll show you the photo of what i'm gratefull off.

Love Simone


Eeffie said...

The first card is my favorite. I love the idea of taking a pic a day of things you're grateful for.

Je@net said...

Great cards Simone! Specially the grateful one!!

Lis said...

All wonderful cards :)